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Aamukka B - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kittilä Renting type: Daily
Aamukka B, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kittilä
60 - 235 EUR
Property type: Double House Bedrooms: 1 Sleeps: 2 Rooms: 2
Welcome to magnificent Lapland. Aamukka is a cosy double house located in Rikinänmukka, Levi. A and B sides of the cottage can be rented out together or separately. Up to 2 people can be accommodated in side B (43m2) which is smaller than side A.

Kuikelo - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kittilä Renting type: Daily
Kuikelo, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kittilä
56 - 202 EUR
Property type: Cottage Bedrooms: 1 Sleeps: 5 Rooms: 2
Kuikelo is a log cottage in Levi, Northern Finland. Although the cottage is situated in the center (about 0.5 km away), the area around Kuikelo is very peaceful.

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