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Chalet Aurora - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari Renting type: Daily
Chalet Aurora, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari
327 - 1 790 EUR
Property type: Villa Bedrooms: 6 Sleeps: 12 Rooms: 8
Chalet Aurora is a luxurious villa located in Kolari, in Ylläsjärvi. Villa is a perfect place to spend holidays or have business meetings. 12 People can be accommodated in Chalet Aurora.

Änstilä - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari Renting type: Daily
Änstilä, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari
123 - 180 EUR
Property type: Double House Bedrooms: 1 Sleeps: 8 Rooms: 3
Spend your holidays in Ylläsjärvi and fall in love with the magnificent nature of Lapland! Änstilä is a luxurious double house where 8 people can be accommodated. Ski slopes, ski tracks and snowmobile routes are located near the cottage.

Honkarinne - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari Renting type: Daily
Honkarinne, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari
89 - 173 EUR
Property type: Cottage Bedrooms: 2 Sleeps: 10 Rooms: 4
The cosy cottage Honkarinne is located in the ski centre Ylläs, in Lapland. Up to 8 – 10 people can be accommodated in it. Come and spend your holiday in the nice cottage in Ylläs!

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