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Riekonmarja - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Inari Renting type: Daily
Riekonmarja, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Inari
77 - 156 EUR
Property type: Cottage Bedrooms: 1 Sleeps: 7 Rooms: 3
Riekonmarja is an exclusive cottage, built in August 2012 and located between Laanila and Saariselkä, in Lapland. A cozy and compact apartment is a part of a semi-detached house and up to 7 people can be accommodated in it.

Saariselän Väärtin Kammi - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Inari Renting type: Daily
Saariselän Väärtin Kammi, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Inari
51 - 303 EUR
Property type: Row House Bedrooms: 1 Sleeps: 4 Rooms: 3
Saariselän Väärtin Kammi is a holiday apartment in Saariselkä, near all activities and services. Up to 2-4 people can be accommodated in the apartment and it is an ideal place for having a rest. Enjoy Lapland all year round.

Villa Castillo 1 - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Inari Renting type: Daily
Villa Castillo 1, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Inari
186 - 700 EUR
Property type: Double House Bedrooms: 4 Sleeps: 11 Rooms: 7
Villas Castillo 1 & 2 are a spacious double house on the southern slopes of Kaunispää, in Saariselkä. The semi-detached house consists of two apartments that have the identical floor plan and both apartments have 2 floors + a loft. From the villa’s big windows guests will enjoy the spectacular view towards the arctic hill scenery. Both holiday apartments have 7+4 sleeping places.

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