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LeVilla B - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kittilä Renting type: Daily
LeVilla B, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kittilä
325 - 1 085 EUR
Property type: Double House Bedrooms: 5 Sleeps: 12 Rooms: 7
Spend your holidays in Lapland, relax and enjoy the magnificent views of Levi. LeVilla is a very luxurious double house (each side is 265 m2). Up to 14 people can be accommodated in it. Ski slopes, ski tracks and all the other services and activities are near the villa.

Chalet Aurora - Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari Renting type: Daily
Chalet Aurora, Finland, Lappland - Lappi, Kolari
327 - 1 790 EUR
Property type: Villa Bedrooms: 6 Sleeps: 12 Rooms: 8
Chalet Aurora is a luxurious villa located in Kolari, in Ylläsjärvi. Villa is a perfect place to spend holidays or have business meetings. 12 People can be accommodated in Chalet Aurora.

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